Collaborate in Establishing PIFLSS

The Polyglot Institute for Foreign Language Study Skills is the brainchild of Alexander Arguelles, but bringing it into being requires the active collaboration and participation of other individuals who believe in this new kind of educational institution.  To this end, a steering committee is being formed.  If you share this vision, then your contributions would be most warmly welcomed, particularly if you have organizational experience in establishing entities, an entrepreneurial spirit for attracting investors, an administrative background in grant writing or fundraising, etc.  If the description of PIFLSS on this site excites you, then please actively do whatever you can to expedite its actualization so that it can form the nucleus of a more extensive form of language-centered education.

Polyglots Needed:  Are you a polyglot?  Does the idea of a faculty position at PIFLSS appeal to you?  If so, then please send a letter of interest and intent as soon as possible that highlights your range of languages and your approach to learning them as well as your general educational background, qualifications, and experience.  You need not embrace any particular method of language learning – in fact, the greater the variety of approaches we can offer, the better.

In speaking with potential partners, backers, or investors about PIFLSS, the first two questions that arise are inevitably “where are you going to get all those polyglot teachers,” and “what would make someone want to study at PIFLSS rather than somewhere else?”  In order to answer these, it would be extremely helpful to have files of letters on hand from parties interested in all capacities, so please do take a few moments to visit our Contact page to express your enthusiasm for the idea in a way that we can share with others to help make it come alive.