Unique features of PIFLSS include:

Polyglot Faculty:  All faculty members are to be accomplished polyglots.  Their primary function is to provide role models of successful foreign language learning as they explain the steps and procedures they use to go about studying foreign languages efficiently and effectively.

Resource Center:  The language learning library at PIFLSS is to be the largest in the world, both in terms of the number of languages available for study, and in terms of the variety of different materials, methods, and approaches for studying them.

Individualized Study Plans:  While at PIFLSS, students will have ample opportunities for conversational and other communicative interaction.  However, the main focus will be on developing an individually tailored study plan for each student to become familiar with while at PIFLSS as well as to continue using after they leave the institute.

Retreat Center Facilities:  The facilities at PIFLSS are to be those of a retreat center where students can come for various periods of time in order to imbibe the ethos of an atmosphere where learning foreign languages is an eminently possible and highly enjoyable endeavor.

Type of Students:  Any student who simply wants to learn how to successfully learn the language he or she is studying by studying it with and around highly successful language learners will benefit from a stay at PIFLSS.  Those who wish to learn multiple languages because they aspire to international careers will also be most welcome.  Most particularly, though, those lovers of foreign languages who do consciously aspire to become polyglots will find a home at PIFLSS.